Student Guidelines

Rev 2.2.2015
General Information and Guidelines for International Students Staying with Salt Lake Homestay Families and San Diego Furnished Apartments

This information has been prepared by Homestay Link to help you understand what to expect from your homestay experience, including, but not limited to, your rights and responsibilities as well as the rights and responsibilities of your host family.  Our goal is to ensure that you have a pleasant and rewarding experience living with your host family during your studies.


Unless otherwise noted, you will be placed in a home that is within 60 minutes of your school by public transportation.  Your host family will assist you with finding the best route to and from your school.


Your host family is responsible for picking you up at the Salt Lake City Airport when you arrive and dropping you back off at the airport upon your departure. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have your flight information. In the event that we do not receive flight detail notification at least 48 hours prior to your arrival, you will responsible for making alternative transportation arrangements via shuttle or taxi.  Please note that Salt Lake City airport hours are 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and additional fees may apply for airport pickup or drop off services.


1.          Your bedroom will be a private room unless you requested a shared room.
2.          Your bedroom will have a bed, night stand, desk, chair and adequate lighting.
3.          Your host family will provide you with linens (sheets, a blanket, pillows and towels).    


1.          Your host family will provide breakfast and dinner daily, unless otherwise noted.
2.          You and your host family may be on different schedules so you might see yourself eating alone during the week. Food will be provided for you but you need to prepare your breakfast.
3.          A typical American breakfast may consist of bread, butter, jam, cereal, milk, and coffee or tea. (Actual breakfast provided may differ)
4.          Lunch is not provided.
5.          You may keep your own food in the home. Be sure to ask your host family where to store your food. Label your food with your name so that everybody knows it is yours.
6.          Dinner is usually eaten with the family. Please be courteous and ask if you may wash  your own dishes when you are finished with your meal or if you can help clean the table.

7.          The family will provide you with a balanced meal. Dinner may include, but is not limited to: steak, chicken, fish, rice, pasta, vegetables, soup or salad. Typical beverages include soda, ice tea or water. It is acceptable for your host family to serve leftovers or take-out food once a week.

8.          In consideration of your host family, please let them know in advance if you will not be home for any meals.


1.          You are responsible for washing your own clothes, please ask your host family when is suitable for you to wash your clothes. 
2.          Using the host family’s laundry facilities is permitted once a week only.
3.          If your family has no laundry facility on site they will show you where the nearest Laundromat is.


1.          You are responsible for cleaning your own room.
2.          You are not expected to do any other housework, however, in consideration of your host family please pick up after yourself in all rooms. If you use the kitchen to prepare your own breakfast or lunch you should always clean after yourself.


1.          You may use the telephone for local calls only, please limit yourself to 5-10 minutes.
2.          All long distance calls must be made “COLLECT” or with a calling card.
3.          Some families may ask you for $100.00 deposit toward the telephone bill if they observe you using the telephone without a calling card.
4.          Your deposit is fully refundable grated you do not incur changes.
5.          Please discuss with your host family how late at night you may receive calls so that you do not disturb the family.


1.          All homestay fees are paid directly to Homestay Link . Homestay Link will pay your host family. Your host family should not accept money unless otherwise noted.
2.          Other than a telephone deposit, your host family should never ask you to pay for any extra services unless otherwise approved by Homestay Link.
3.          There are no refunds for time spent away from home during your contracted period.
4.          If you leave homestay before the date agreed upon in your contract, you are entitled to a refund for the unused balance previously paid for, minus a $250.00 cancellation fee.


1.          Although you are a paying guest in the home, please keep in mind that you are still a guest. Please be courteous at all times and considerate of your host family’s requests.
2.          Please be conscientious of things like turning off the lights and appliances when you leave a room or the home.
3.          Please limit showering or bathing to one 10-15 minute shower per day.
4.          If you plan on leaving town for the weekend, let your host family know when to expect you back.
5.          Please do not bring guest to the house without permission.
6.          Friends are not allowed in your room or to spend the night.
7.          If you smoke, be sure to ask your host family where you are permitted to smoke. Most families do not permit smoking inside the house.
8.          Please do not play music or television at high volume, always use headphones especially at night.
9.          The legal drinking age is California is 21 years of age. Please ask your host family if they allow you to drink at home.
10.        You may be given a key to the house. If you lose the key, it is your responsibility to have it replaced. Because of safety reasons, should you lose your key, some families may ask you to replace the entire  lock.
11.        Always lock the doors when you leave the home.
12.        Drug use and sex in the host family’s home is prohibited.
13.        If you do not abide by the arrangements and rules described in this document, you may be dismissed from the homestay program and subject to the cancellation fee.


1.          Give your host family the name and telephone number of someone to contact in case of an emergency, preferably a relative.
2.          If you feel sick, tell your host family immediately, they can help you arrange to see a doctor. If you are in need of emergency medical aid, dial 9-1-1 from any phone.


1.          In most cases problems are a result of miscommunication. Taking time to try to explain you issue with your host family can usually resolve your problem. If you are still unable to resolve your problem please feel free to contact our office for help.
2.          If we cannot solve your problem with your host family we then may move you to another home at no extra cost.

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