About Us

Homestay Link is Salt Lake City and San Diego’s premier homestay service provider for international students since 2020. Our goal is to provide clean comfortable housing to students visiting the United States. Homestay Link interacts with host families and students. This personal touch allows us to connect students with the best host families. Homestay Link provides students homestay services including, but not limited to, College Homestay, University Homestay, and Private Program Homestay Services, such as Junior Summer Camp (under 18).

Homestay is not possible without our wonderful host families. Homestay Link personally reviews applications to become a Homestay host family, selecting only the best families for our students. We have host families that have worked with us for over 2 years and some that have just begun the experience.

We believe that the student-host family experience provides a learning opportunity outside of school and is cost-effective for students. Host families also benefit from hosting a student as they are able to learn about different cultures.

The first step as a student is to fill out our student application. From there one of our housing coordinators will contact you via email with more information on your placement.

Interesting in becoming a host family? Click Here

We look forward providing the best experience possible!

Bryan Whitman
Founder of Homestay Link